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Improving Performance We can provide you with the best solution in order to avoid surprises in normal ship operation. If we can鈥檛 sell you some of the most reliable equipment money can buy, we can guide you in the right direction. Guaranteed!
Going Green Our specialists have been exposed to the latest in environmental friendly marine technology. Going green is not only trendy, but in most cases mandatory. So we have the best solution to get you in compliance with current or upcoming regulations.
Saving You Money We provide you with the best cost-cutting solutions. Whether you are looking at building, upgrading or purchasing a ship or doing a refit on an existing one, we can help you get the most out of your money, short term or long term.

Surveys & Audits

Whether you need a pre purchase complete survey, a cargo inspection or an external audit we have the right people to do it for you. We work on contract basis with highly trained licensed marine professionals in order to provide you with the best in depth picture of a vessel and its crew. Along with the objective ship鈥檚 radiography you will benefit from our expert advice in finding the right solution for any problem that may arise.

Marine Technology & Equipment

We can provide you with the best solutions matching your needs and your budget. While almost any vessel is a prototype within itself, at 杨幂真紧好爽全文阅读 we believe ship owners/operators must not be subject to any lab tests, so we will only provide you with proven solutions.

Technical Support & Training

杨幂真紧好爽全文阅读 proudly collaborates with Canadian and international marine professionals, ship owners/operators and equipment manufacturers in order to provide the best technical support. We have a number of highly trained specialists on call, always ready to assist. We can also provide you with the appropriate crew and corporate training and give you access to the best simulators.